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Posing Suit Pricing


My business is boutique style and truly custom; I do not mass produce, I do not work through the internet or mail, and I do all the work myself.  I meet personally with everyone who orders a suit from me.  Cut and coverage are so important with bikinis and can only be determined by trying on a suit and deciding where it needs to be altered to make your physique look it’s best.

 Posing suits start at $350, this includes 500 crystal rhinestones.  Every $100 buys 200 more crystals up to 1000 crystals.  After that every $100 would buy  400 stones.  Rhinestone connectors are another option to add to your suit.  Connectors can be added to the center front of the top, the shoulder straps and at the hips.  Adding connectors to the three places mentioned would add $50 to the suit, $75 would upgrade you to a fancier connector.  Padding for the tops is an extra $20.