Posing Suit Pricing


My business is boutique style and truly custom; I do not mass produce, I do not work through the internet or mail, and I do all the work myself.  I meet personally with everyone who orders a suit from me.  Cut and coverage are so important with bikinis and can only be determined by trying on a suit and deciding where it needs to be altered to make your physique look it’s best.  Bust, waist, and hip measurements determine the SIZE of a suit and have NO relation to cut or coverage.  So if you are in the Southern New England area and would like to set up an appointment, please send me an email!



Prices start at $100 for a plain pre-judging suit.  A plain (meaning without crystals) bikini or figure suit with connectors at center front, shoulders, and hips start at $250 and the underwire version of the same suit would cost $300.  The addition of crystals depends on the amount of stones and the complexity of the design.


 Additional upgrades include fancier connectors and large shaped crystals.